Vietnam ’68 Tactical – Enfield, NC

On the weekend of 13 and 14 September, 2013, a tactical event was held, themed on Vietnam in 1968.  Elements of the 199th Light Infantry Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, and 307th Engineer Battalion participated on the G.I. side.

Note: All photos were taken with my vintage Argus C3 35mm camera.

Click on the thumbnail of the pictures you want to see, to enlarge them.

5 Responses to Vietnam ’68 Tactical – Enfield, NC

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  2. Jim Stevens says:

    So glad I found your site. Jim Stevens here, the CO of 4ID out of Maryland. Hope to see you again at this year’s event. Let me know if you’d like to link up!

    • Good to hear from you again, Jim! I’ve been unable to attend pretty much any events for the past year and a half (due to work), but I should be able to make the next one, if it’s in March or later.

  3. Christopher Hauselman says:

    are these groups still active and available?

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