WWII Event Photos

Below are photo albums from the World War II reenacting and living history events I’ve participated in.

Note: I’ll be continuously uploading new albums of pictures, as time goes on, and events come and go.



Fort Indiantown Gap (January 2012)
Gothic Line (Italian Front) Tactical Weekend (March 2012)
North Carolina National Guard Officers’ Ball (March 2012)
Franklinton Elementary School Living History (April 2012)
Camp Bogdan Training Weekend (April 2012)
Historic Latta Plantation WWII Weekend (May 2012)
Kings Mountain Military Timeline (May 2012)
120th Infantry Changing of the Guard Ceremony (June 2012)
30th Infantry Division Association’s 66th Annual Reunion (August 2012)
First Allied Airborne Army Training Weekend (September 2012)
Sons of Valor X Tactical Event (October 2012)
USO “Salute to Freedom” Gala (October 2012)
Siler City, NC Veterans’ Day Parade (November 2012)
Hürtgenwald IV Tactical Event (December 2012)



Schlacht im Hürtgenwald (January 2013)
Fort Indiantown Gap (January 2013)
Battle of the Bulge Living History at Latta Plantation (February 2013)
Gothic Line/Gustav Line Tactical Weekend (March 2013)
30th Infantry Division Veterans of WWII Reunion 2013 (April 2013)
Warriors & Warbirds Airshow 2013 (April 2013)
Latta Plantation 2013 – WWII Living History Weekend (May 2013)
Military Through the Ages – Kings Mountain National Military Park (May 2013)
Memorial Day Parade – Thomasville, NC (May 2013)
Summer WWII Weekend, Latta Plantation (August 2013)
67th Annual 30th Infantry Division Association Reunion, Raleigh, NC (August 2013)
66th Pope Army Airfield Air Force Ball, Fayetteville, NC (September 2013)
History of the American Soldier, Guilford Courthouse Nat. Mil. Park (Novermber 2013)
Camp Bogdan Training Weekend 2013, Fayetteville, NC (November 2013)
Christmas in the Trenches, 1944 – Battle of the Bulge, Lugoff, SC (December 2013)



G.I. Training, 35th ID, 1943 – Holly Springs, NC (March 2014)

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